Advanced Laser Vision Correction


It's your best option to achieve freedom from contact lenses and glasses! Combining the latest diagnostic technology, with the most advanced laser delivery system to produce a refractive correction that is as unique as your eye.

For years, doctors have measured a patient's vision using the standard Snellen Eye Chart, with the black-and-white letters of varying size. A person is considered to have "normal" vision if they can read the small letters on the 20/20 line. The problem is--scoring 20/20 on this vision test does not necessarily mean you have perfect vision, especially because the letters might still be blurry or fuzzy.

Laser vision correction was only able to correct vision problems due to nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These three vision distortions, which are often called "lower order aberrations," are only responsible for 85-90% of vision quality. There are other imperfections in the eye's optical system that negatively affect a person's vision, and these are called "higher order aberrations," and it is these imperfections that cause glare, halos, shadows, and other bothersome vision problems. Unless laser vision correction could also correct the "higher order aberrations," the quality of a person's vision would never be ideal.

Now, thanks to advances in wavefront technology, it is possible to reduce or correct both lower and higher order aberrations.

As an analogy, a person may fit nicely into a pair of pants that is their generic size, but how much better will they fit, and look, if the pants were tailored to fit their body. In the same way, it is now possible to custom tailor your vision.








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