Good Candidate?


Many people often wonder if they are a good candidate for a refractive surgery procedure.

Am I too nearsighted?

Do I have too much astigmatism?

What about farsightedness?

Whatever your reason for choosing the procedure, many of our patients agree that laser vision correction is an attractive solution for improving your lifestyle and freeing yourself from the dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses.

You WOULD probably be a good candidate for laser vision correction if:

  • Your dependency on corrective lenses makes you feel handicapped and restrictive.
  • You want to participate more freely in sports.
  • You want more freedom to pursue activities in which glasses or contact lenses are a hindrance or hamper your lifestyle.
  • You are unable to wear contact lenses.
  • You look better without your glasses.
  • You handle change well. Your career opportunities would be enhanced with better natural vision.

You would probably NOT be a good laser vision correction candidate if:

  • You feel comfortable while wearing your glasses or contact lenses, and see well.
  • You demand perfect vision, and any possible visual irregularities would bother your greatly or jeopardize your career.
  • Having laser vision correction and then wearing any corrective lenses for occasional activity would make you unhappy.

You should not have laser vision correction if:

  • You have collagen vascular, autoimmune, or immunodeficiency diseases (for example, lupus or AIDS).
  • You are pregnant or nursing.
  • You show signs of keratoconus (a corneal disease).
  • You are taking the medications Accutane (isotretinoin) or Cordarone (amiodrarone hydrochloride).
  • Less than perfect vision, glare, or night-time driving difficulties would jeopardize your career

You should discuss with Dr. Snyder if:

  • Your nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness is changing.
  • You are diabetic or have severe allergies.
  • You have a history of Herpes simplex or Herpes zoster of the eye.








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