Common Questions



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What is LASIK?




What is LASEK (Epi-LASIK)?




What are the surgeon's credentials? How long have they been doing laser vision correction surgery?





What is the cost of LASIK surgery?





Will I have to limit my activities after the treatment? If so, for how long?





What should I expect from LASIK?





How fast can I return to work?





Are there different lasers?





How much time does it take?





Will I feel pain?





Will I have to wear an eye patch?





What is the personal success rate?





Can I have additional treatment if I haven't achieved the desired results?





How long do the results last?





Can you guarantee 20/20 vision?





Will I still have to wear glasses or contact lenses?





What is mono vision?





How will I know if I am eligible for laser vision correction?





How do I choose a surgeon?





Should I bring in my glasses or glasses prescription?





Should I seek a discount surgical center?





Are there problems that could occur with laser surgery?





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